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An urban Transition Town grassroots initiative, part of the Romanian Transition Towns Chapter movement. It is based in the city of Alba Iulia (65.000 inhabitants) and active in the fields of education, events, civil rights, food sovereignty, climate change mitigation and community activation. Role and added value: Increased engagement with the local community and local administration, particular emphasis on co-benefits of education, civil rights, food sovereignty and others.

The city is making urban gardens under the name Gradina din Cetate.

Alba Iulia is involved in Plasticircle project. The PlastiCircle approach, aimed at improving plastic packaging from waste to valuable resources, is divided into four phases: collecting, transport, sorting, and reprocessing. The third and final pilot was launched on 1 July 2020 in the city of Alba Iulia, Romania, and will run until 30 September 2020.[1]

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