Community-led initiatives in Hungary

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Transition in Hungary

Main page: Transition in Hungary

The Transition Network lists 2 initiatives in Hungary.[1]

Átalakuló Közösségek, the Transition Communities Hungary is a learning and support network, acting as the Hungarian Transition Hub as well as a regional Transition Hub for CEE and the Balkans.[2]

Permaculture in Hungary

Main page: Permaculture in Hungary

Ecovillages in Hungary

Main page: Ecovillages in Hungary

The Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) lists 6 projects in their database. This number is however only reflecting the projects that have registered themselves on the database. The ecovillage database contains ecovillage projects of all sizes and in all stages of development.[3]

The ecovillages in Hungary are organized in the National Network GEN Hungary.[4]

GEN Hungary is also a full member of GEN-Europe, the European branch of the Global Ecovillage Network.

Several research papers on Hungarian Ecovillages at [1]

Community Energy in Hungary

Main page: Community energy in Hungary

Solidarity Economy in Hungary

Main page: Solidarity economy in Hungary

The SUSY report of 2015 on Social and Solidarity Economy indicates that while there is no law for social enterprises and solidarity economy, there are several decrees that have been issued on different sectors like CSOs, voluntary activities carried out with public interest objectives, cooperatives and social cooperatives between 2006 and 2013. Social enterprises can choose from a profit-driven and a not-for-profit legal form and can obtain various concessions and exemptions from taxation and tariffs.[5]

Community Food Production in Hungary

Main page: Community Food Production in Hungary

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) in Hungary

According to URGENCI, the International Network for Community Supported Agriculture, the first CSA initiatives in Hungary was started in 1999 with a pilot project that after a while changed into an organic food delivery service due to financial reasons. CSA re-emerged in Hungary in 2010/11 and the URGENCI report "Overview of Community Supported Agriculture in Europe" names 12 known initiatives providing for up to 1.200 people in 2015. CSAs are connected by KöKiSz, the Alliance of Small Scale CSA Farms in Hungary.[6]


Collaboration with Local Government

Intersections and Interactions


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