Community-led initiatives in Slovenia

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Transition in Slovenia

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The Transition Network lists 2 initiatives in Slovenia.[1] A national hub is in development. [2]

Permaculture in Slovenia

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Ecovillages in Slovenia

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The Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) lists 4 projects in their database. This number is however only reflecting the projects that have registered themselves on the database. The ecovillage database contains ecovillage projects of all sizes and in all stages of development.[3]

Sunny Hill is a member of ECOLISE.

Community Energy in Slovenia

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Solidarity Economy in Slovenia

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The SUSY report of 2015 on Social and Solidarity Economy indicates that the concept of social economy is little known or spread in Slovenia. Better known is social entrepreneurship which is attributed in official documents also the role of a " connection factor, as it encourages people’s involvement and volunteer work, and in this way strengthens solidarity in society". The responsibility for the social entrepreneurs sector on national level changed from the Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Affairs and Equal opportunities to the Ministry of economic development and technology in 2015.[4]

Community Food Production in Slovenia

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Sustainability Park Istra, a charity supporting sustainable development in Istria and especially "the ideas and projects that bring long-term positive effects to our region", is a member of ECOLISE.

Collaboration with Local Government

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