County Kildare LEADER Partnership

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Climate Action Training for local community groups in Ireland

In 2019 County Kildare LEADER Partnership commissioned a €30,000 training course to develop the capacity of community groups and clubs to become climate smart and draw down further LEADER support for environmental projects. This training was delivered to 34 community leaders from County Kildare, population 225,000, by a consortium of organisations centered around Cloughjordan Ecovillage. More recently Cavan Leader Partnership agreed a similar training project, but three times the budget. A number of other local development companies are discussing replicating this training in their own regions.

Achievements to date include

  • Development of an in-person and online training programme that covers climate action, community resilience, sustainable consumption and production, best practice sustainable communities, water and climate change, agri-food and climate, sustainable land use, and a site visit to a Cloughjordan ecovillage, which has the lowest recorded ecological footprint in Ireland
  • 11 climate project proposals for evaluation