ECOLISE General Assembly

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The ECOLISE General Assembly is an annual event where members gather to fulfil statutory obligations of the association and plan activities for the year ahead.

Formal requirements

Reporting Approval of accounts Elections to Council and Presidency (bi-annual) Formal acceptance of new members


In accordance with the legal obligations of ECOLISE as an organisation under Belgian law, the General Assembly has taken place every year since its formal constitution in May 2014. Each has been hosted by an ECOLISE member organisation in its home country. The first, hosted by ICLEI was in Freiburg in February 2015. The second was hosted by DRIFT in Rotterdam in February 2016, the third in Almudara in Spain in March 2017. the fourth by CELL in Luxembourg in March 2018.

General Assembly 2015 General Assembly 2016 General Assembly 2017 General Assembly 2018

Meeting format

Since the 2017 meeting, General Assemblies have used blended formats involving both physical and remote participation.