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Installed Extensions
needed to use reference tags
note range of formatting options available
pre-installed on version 1.21 and above, still needs activation
note need to remove text relating to CiteThisPage feature from localsettings.php when upgrading from 1.24
requires new accounts to be approved by a bureaucrat or administrator
necessary protection against spam
creates contact page (necessary to allow account requests)
included in versions after 1.24, needs different activation code

Extensions to potentially install


Choose a good bundle/stack that includes the majority of useful extensions and templates.
Media wiki farm to host multiple wikis with the same MediaWiki codebase.
Scribunto allows embedding scripting language Lua in MediaWiki.
Potentially move to semantic wiki after a while.
Parser functions in templates ??
Allows comments on pages
allows use of maps
creates a special page listing newest pages
searches an article on a Major Edit save for words that match page_titles within the article's namespace
allows sections to be displayed as tabs
for creation of page templates
helps users learn to create new articles effectively. It provides popups over red links and an article creation landing page.
alphabetizes category links at the bottom of an article
provides a dynamic view of the wiki's category structure as a tree
generates page citations in multiple formats
to allow account deletion
creates a new special page collecting useful admin functions
automatically generates and links citations
allows a list of pages in a particular category to be generated within a page

Not Suitable
Adds input box to edit and upload page which allows users to assign categories to the article
Tried and didn't like it

Uncertain Status
a useful feature, but I'm not sure if it works with all wikis

Potentially Useful in the Future
allows comparison of the same page in different languages
Important, but needs further investigation before we are ready to install or use them
allows creation of page heirarchies
needs semantic wiki extension to be installed first
Allows use of linked data via semantic queries
seems useful, but I don't yet understand how it works!
looks useful when we are federating
enables global (shared between wikis) user pages on a wiki farm

Potentially interesting but have current complications
allows reuse of wiki data elsewhere, and use of data from other databases
developer only, not yet in stable release
not currently actively maintained
shows a list of all categories (unless a custom root category is configured) in their hierarchical structure on the edit page, strips all categories linked within a page upon editing and selects them in the category list, adds selected categories from the list to the text body of the page on saving
not sure whether it makes sense to have both this and CategorySuggest
useful feature, restricted to BlueSpice distribution of MediaWiki