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  • Use wiki as collaborative working space for project development and joint writing, e.g. for discussions on enterprise research with Audley and creation of the flagship ECOLISE project, with the consequences that:
    • 1. Patterns become productive - new proposals draw on patterns already on the wiki
    • 2. Innovation during the course of proposal writing is captured as new patterns and modifications to existing patterns
    • 3. People involved also become collaborators on/contributors to the wiki
  • Badges and patterns as descriptions of and learning resources for collaboration processes, within the Knowledge Commons or in ECOLISE more widely (building on developments in Co-Lab)
    • This could be an instance of a more general effort to record ECOLISE working prcesses on the wiki (e.g. Nenad's Virtual Teams Working Guide)
  • Patterns summarising key skills and interests:
    • Especially policy briefs (in general, and specific policy analyses and recommendations). Developed via a collaborative process for understanding and co-designing polcy briefs, embedded within Status Report process
  • Content curation and development:
    • Psychological and cultural dimensions of change (Jo Hamilton)
    • Relationships between community initiatives and local government (with Pedro and linked to TIM project)
    • Enterprise and entrepreneurship (derived from discussion about possible projects with Audley Genus
  • Wiki as a space to host and develop proposals for ECOLISE internal operations (currently being held by Davie and Nenad):
    • e.g. proposal
  • Recording individual and organisational profiles (that could then be used as necessary for websites, etc.):
    • e.g. organisational profiles for member organisations
    • personal profiles for members (which could be their wiki user profile), including records of service
    • group profiles, including records of service (e.g. [ECOLISE Interim Council], [ECOLISE Council 2015-2017], working groups)