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GEN Solution Library

The GEN solution library is a directory of sustainability solutions curated by Global Ecovillage Network. It provides workable practical actions to existing problems and challenges, organised geographically or through the five dimensions of the GEN mandala: Environmental, Social, Economic, Cultural/Worldview and Whole System (which integrates all four other dimensions in one).

Permaculture Knowledge Base

Curated by the Permaculture Association, the Permaculture knowledge base provides information on over 180 practical solutions for sustainable design, with links to videos, weblinks, books, and organisations

The essential guide to doing Transition

Transition Network's Essential Guide to Doing Transition offers the resources necessary to start a Transition initiative in your local community and outlines the processes and actions needed to make it a success.

Municipalities in Transition Framework

Municipalities in Transition Framework offers a structured way for municipal governments to connect with local communities and respond to the great challenges of this historical period, adopting a systemic view and methodologies inspired by the approach and learnings of the Transition movement.

52 Climate Actions

52 Climate Actions has been developed by partnership of ten organisations connected with the Permaculture movement formed in 2015 after the International Permaculture Convergence declaration to the Paris Climate Conference. It describes workable and effective actions that can be taken at individual, community and global levels, with an emphasis on the needs and possibilities for action in the Global North.

Evoneers Journey

Evoneers Journey deepens understanding about the process of change over time, and learning how to be personally resilient within it, becoming able to embrace challenges and failures alongside the successes.

Community Learning Incubator Programme for Sustainability (CLIPS)

The CLIPS guide explains a model for community development. The guide is accompanied by workshops, mentoring and trainings, as well as an online platform with resources, links, examples and tools for both projects and trainers engaged with supporting communities to grow.

Reconomy Guides

Reconomy Guides were designed for use by Transition Initiatives and other groups working on local economy projects and other related activities to transform a local economy by engaging local community.

Group works guide for facilitators

Group works guide for facilitators is a deck of 100 full-colour cards (91 patterns + 9 category cards) created by the Group Pattern Language Project.

Interpole collaboration toolkit

Interpole collaboration toolkit is a French open collection of resources for cooperation shared by trainers and facilitators.

Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons (book)

Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons showcases over a hundred sharing-related case studies and model policies from more than 80 cities in 35 countries. It witnesses a growing global movement and serves as a practical reference guide for community-based solutions to urgent challenges faced by cities everywhere.

SDG Multipliers Handbook

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Multipliers Handbook offers a detailed description of how to prepare, promote and facilitate an SDG Training of Multipliers using Gaia Education’s SDG Implementation Flashcards.

Community Resilience Toolkit

Community Resilience Toolkit is a workshop guide for community resilience, looking in ways to meet the basic human needs of all residents, while reducing reliance on fossil fuels and protecting the health of our environment for our children.

Regenerative Urban Communities Manual

Regenerative Urban Communities Manual is

Dragon Dreaming E-book

Dragon Dreaming ebook presents the entire process of developing projects and teams, nested in a broad body of knowledge about human nature, society, ecology and universe.