Ecovillages and research

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  • Ecovillages are ‘researched’ in multiple ways. First, the ecovillages themselves often practice some kind of internal reflection and evaluation which is partly documented and accessible. Members also publish their subjective experiences in journals and platforms, lectures on in the media. In terms of research by ecovillages and GEN, there are some systematic, sometimes funded research projects.
  • Ecovillages are increasingly approached by academic researchers who discover their value as “laboratories” in many different areas. May it be as models for sustainable living, social and community innovations or special technical examples like compost toilets or straw bale house building. A growing number of studies are published. Experiences on research approaches and methodology and access to ecovillages research is another category.
  • Most research is done in the frame of time-limited projects like case studies for a certain thematic question and graduations by students. Researchers are coming from very diverse disciplines and from all over the world to research ecovillages while a systematic academic field and education program at universities is missing, besides some exceptions.
  • Here an overview of published studies can be found: bibliography
  • Approach/ methodologies for research access to ecovillages [1]
  • GEN research working group website informs in detail. [2]