Evaluation and monitoring of community-led initiatives

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Proposed storyline: Importance of this step in the Learning cycle as well as input for better governance and policy making, who is doing it, how is it been doing, and its potential)

"A transition is needed from the current carbon-based economy towards a sustainable, resource-efficient society in order to tackle climate change and to avoid further environmental degradation. Such a transition involves interventions across multiple scales. Sustainable solutions that have the potential to transform existing societies are often created and put into practice by local sustainability initiatives, for example community-based initiatives or transition initiatives. The diversity of organizational forms, aspirations and rationalities behind local transition initiatives requires the use of a diverse set of assessment criteria to understand and estimate their processes, outputs, outcomes, impact, and hence their success. Rather than adopting a standard monolithic vision of success, a wide variety of indicators can be used to measure the success of local transition initiatives." [1]


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