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FCiências.ID – Associação para a Investigação e Desenvolvimento de Ciências (Association for Investigation and Development of Science), is a non-profit private association, endowed with legal personality, that is based out of the Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa (FCUL), Lisbon University Faculty of Science. FCiências.ID was created in January 9, 2017. http://www.fciencias-id.pt/

Climate Change Research at FCiencias.ID
The Climate Change Impacts and Modelling research group (CCIAM)[1] at Lisbon University emphasises use of participatory methods as a means of supporting incremental and transformative change in both understanding of and action for climate change adaptation.[2] FCiencias works closely with national networks of CLIs, particularly in permaculture and Transition, supporting national initiatives such as RedeConvergir, employing practitioners as action researchers within collaborative projects and creating and maintaining a permaculture garden, Horta FCUL, within the grounds of the Science Faculty. Through the BASE research project, it coordinated production of the first two books in the Community-led Transformations book series, collaborative volumes on Permaculture and Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience, Community Action and Societal Transformation. The research group is at the moment participating in a Municipalities in Transition research project, UrbanA (Urban Arenas for Sustainable and Just Cities), a three-year EU-funded project (January 2019 - December 2021) and BEACON a European project that is supporting Municipalities designing mitigation strategies, building governance and collaboration competences and support the implementation of respective local actions.


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