Famalicão em Transição

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Representatives of Famalicao em Transicao at an informal gathering

Famalicão em Transição is an association, formally instituted in 2016, while the informal group exists since 2011.

It consists of 20 active members and around 80 associated members. There are 6 working groups: education, environment, inner transition, communication, circular economy and headquarters space. All together the initiative is reaching out to approximately 2200 people.

Famalicão em Transição follows the principles and vision of the worldwide Transition Network movement. The mission is to contribute to awareness raising and the implementation of projects, to a life in harmony with nature and the community, to a healthier, more ecological and happier living with less consumption and waste generation, and shifting to low environmental impact.

The initiative organises:

  • annual seed exchange gatherings contributing to maintening traditional agricultural varieties
  • conferences on education with documentary screenings, debates and workshops on alternative approaches to education
  • events on natural and organic agriculture, including theoretical and practical training sessions
  • health and sustainability markets and exchange markets, involving local projects and small businesses