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Fearless Cities[1](FC) is the global municipalist movement. It began in 2017 after the first conference in Barcelona to assist all global cities and communities create and / or develop local municipalist projects and political processes to allow citizens have a greater say in what type of city or community they wish to live in.

The citizen platform Barcelona en Comú[2] (BeC) won the 2015 Municipal elections in Barcelona, along with 7 other citizen platforms which subsequently got labelled as the Rebel Cities of Spain. The municipalist win saw the city having its first woman mayor Ada Colau (in over 2,000 years of history) and BeC declared they were developing a "Feminist Democratic Revolution". A week after elections when interviewed on Democracy Now! Colau stated: “We can prove there is another way to govern, more inclusive, working together with the people, more than just asking them to vote every four years. We´re very aware that the real change must be global, that one city alone cannot solve all the problems we´re facing”.

In 2017 BeC set up the first Fearless Cities conference in Barcelona to support other cities who wished to create similar citizen-led change. The conference and new global network had 3 clear goals:

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In 2018 there were 4 subsequent conferences of the FC around the world: 1) Nueva York, USA 2) Warsaw, Poland. 3) Rosario, Argentina 4) Valparaíso, Chile 5)Brussels, Belgium