Greener Kemnay

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Greener Kemnay is a community-led sustainability project in Kemnay in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, a rural village with around 4000 residents. It began in 2012 as a local community voluntary group and is now a charitable organisation.

Greener Kemnay seeks to provide an alternative to the village's existing development pathway. In large measure a satellite of the nearest town (which provides services such as jobs, shopping and recreation), it is also a long-standing community in its own right, with abundant natural and cultural resources which were not being appropriately explored.

Among the activities developed by the group are: enhancement of local green spaces, provision of facilities for composting, promoting local sustainable production, litter-picking, permaculture training, tree planting, a seed swap, and allotments for a community garden. The initiative has also been developing a resilience plan and flood-watch programme.

Greener Kemnay was the subject of case study research in the TESS EU Project.