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The Hortinha is a small garden ... info info info



In Hortinha you can find the following plants:

Plant name (latin), ecosystemic function in Horta, fun facts

  • Boldo (Peumus boldus). In the Horta it functions as ... It is soft, fast growing and tea can be made out of the leaves. The plant is known for both it's medicinal purposes as well as toxity


The following insects have been spotted:

Insect name (latin), ecosystemic functions in Horta, fun facts

  • Bombus terrestris. This bumblebee is big, hairy and has a white butt. She functions as pollinator as she collects pollen and nectar from different flowers. It lives in a colony during the summer but only the queen survives the winter. In spring she needs space in the earth to dig a nest as she never uses the same space twice. The bumblebee doesn't like stinging as it will die when she does. No need to be afraid of this creature!

Horta's on tuesdays

Short term projects

What is happening right now on the Tuesdays at Horta? Next meeting: Tuesday 12:30

What, how, when, where, who?

  • Collecting seeds. The seeds will be put in bags and the bags will be in the shet free for sowing. Guardian responsible: Manuel. When: week 23
  • Getting Horta through summer;

-Irrigation. Pressuring the FCUL to fix the rega. Guardian responsable: Madalena When: week 23

-Mulching; Gathering local mulch around the University. Guardians responsable: Manuel and Inês. When: week 24

-Watering by hand; The Horta needs to be watered by hand (using the irrigation system) until the irrigation system is fixed. Guardian reponsible:Manuel (help needed... when you see the Horta being dry; water!) When: starting week 23 until it's fixed.

  • Mapping the biodiversity. Everyone shares their knowledge about plants, insects and what more, on the Wiki inventory (or send it to the responsible guardian who will put it in the Wiki). This is an ongoing process. Guardian responsible: Marissa

Long term projects

What are the future ideas for the Horta?

What, how, when (season), where, who?

  • Creating drought resilience
  • Improve social space
  • Mulching
  • Make Hortinha beautiful again