Horta FCUL

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HortaFCUL is a project created and managed by people from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, whose aim is to raise awareness and disseminate the practice of permaculture as a solution to many of the ecological, social and economic problems that the world is experiencing.


In this Wiki you will find and be able to share information about the projects going on at HortaFCUL. The tasks are divided in several branches, each with their own "guardian", meaning the person who's responsible for this particular branch. Click on a page to see more information about one of the area's you are interested in. Further down the page you will find more information about projects (future, on-going or completed).

-Communication (Guilherme, Narciso e Tiago)-Matias





-Food(Rosa, Matias e Renata)-Matias

-Associations (Maria)-Madalena

-Bank account (Farrancha)-Catarina, Madalena e Matias

-Chickens (David e Pedro Rosa)-Catarina

-Seed bank (Catarina e Inês)-Catarina

-Donation table (Pedro Rosa)-Catarina

-Parties (Júlio, Sílvia e Tiago)-Catarina



-Tuesdays in the Horta (ongoing)

-Wednesdays in Permalab (ongoing)