Numbers of beneficiaries of community-led initiatives in Europe

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  • Note: TESS definition:
    • Beneficiaries are the (broader) group of people who get some economically valuable benefit from it in the form of goods or services, i.e. something that could be obtained through market purchase.
    • Active participants: those who actively contribute or are associated in any way to the initiative; they may work there, participate in meetings or decision making, give/spend time, contribute to activities, running events, etc.

Numbers of beneficiaries of CLI in Europe - overview of TESS project

CLI - Size and Beneficiaries (TESS D4.1, 2016).png

Numbers of beneficiaries of Ecovillages in Europe

Numbers of beneficiaries of Transition Initiatives in Europe

Numbers of beneficiaries of Permaculture Projects in Europe

Numbers of beneficiaries of Solidarity Economy Projects in Europe

Across the EU, the SUSY report suggests that in 2015 the solidarity economy employed 15 million people, up from 11 million in 2002-3 and representing 6.5% of the total labour force. This excludes the increasing numbers of people involved in rapidly growing movements in solidarity purchasing and solidarity consumption, and community-supported agriculture.[1]

Numbers of beneficiaries of Commmunity Energy Projects in Europe

More than 1.000.000 citizens in Europe [2].

Numbers of beneficiaries of CSAs in Europe

Beneficiaries 1.000.000 citizens. [3]


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