Osterland energy project in Gotland

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   Spearheading a local energy system in Gotland, Sweden

Austerland Energi is an ambitious and holistic project in a rural area of 142 kms, 900 inhabitants and 369 households. The project has two main aims: benefitting the climate by switching to local solar, wind & biofuel energy and creating biochar carbon sinks; and supporting households and the local area. The story of Austerland Energi was part of the reason the Swedish government chose to make the island of Gotland Sweden’s first fossil-fuel free region. The project has completed a €40,000 18-month LEADER feasibility study and is poised to apply for implementation funds.

Achievements to date include

  • Many educational activities and meetings to get businesses, farmers and community on board.
  • A Local Economic Resource Analysis
  • A detailed survey and assessment of current energy use
  • A scenario for a fossil fuel-free energy system that is robust, integrated and smart. It includes
    • an optimum energy mix of wind, solar and biofuels;
    • energy storage options;
    • car pooling and electric car charging points;
    • new forms of cooperation, tariffs, regulations;
    • biochar as carbon sink and soil enhancement;
    • solar powered desalination plant;