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An initiative managed by civil society actors/individuals

The global problems we face, such as climate change, social and economic inequalities and division, consumerism in the face of natural resource limits, and lack of community resilience, urgently require innovative, systemic responses arising from the bottom-up as well as top-down.

Community-led action presents a constructive and necessary challenge to predominant understandings of major issues such as climate change and sustainability. It gives access to alternative perspectives that highlight routes out of current policy impasses. Deep and close engagement with the experience and practice of community-led action can help inform the changes of perspective necessary for a realistic understanding of current societal challenges and realistic alternatives to ineffective existing policy measures. SDGs, Paris (conventional policy framing) plus

highlight the distribution of initiatives across Europe, any hotspots and the reasons for this, the regional dimension and how regional support makes a difference (Scotland, Brussels, Barcelona..),

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