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To begin discussion on what constitutes a policy brief, based on insights arising from recent discussion within the ECOLISE core team:

  • What is a policy brief?
  • What content is most useful to policy-makers?
  • How can this content best be packaged and delivered to policy-makers?

Developing a brief on research policy is a concrete activity within the competence of the core team (Policy Coordinator in collaboration with Knowledge and learning working group): can build on relevant parts of the EDSC report:

  • we need a guide "how to produce policy briefs", examples of good policy briefs, possibly a training/webinar
  • we need a facilitated space of conversations including the policy working group, the Knowledge and learning working group and others (council and presidency reps, interested activists...) to generate coherent ECOLISE key policy messages (-> to be brought up in the next meeting of the coordinators group)
  • after completion of the status report K&L can make better founded contributions to the development of policy briefs