Suderbyn ecovillage

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Suderbyn Ecovillage is situated on Gotland island in Sweden. The community consists of 10-15 core members and 15 resident volunteers. There is a permaculture garden, eco-building, car- and bicycle-pools, local energy production, participation in educational projects. Suderbyn focuses on green building techniques and development of social transformation.

Suderbyn is also a local international hub for transitions, sustainable development, permaculture and an intentional community with activists from a dozen countries, working and living together. As a pilot project Suderbyn works with a holistic approach for a regenerative society. Beside prototyping a new type of society the project is involved in regional and transnational networks, projects, communities and initiatives around Europe, and beyond.

The goal of Suderbyn is creating a prosperous living environment while minimizing environmental footprint. The aim is to live close to nature with a more sustainable lifestyle, striving for self-sufficiency in food production and renewable energy, prioritizing ecological and local materials. The community experiments in different areas with innovation and traditional knowledge with the attempt to create a model of healthy and happy society.

The Suderbyn office engages in a number of different projects linking it to other eco-villages in regional and international networks, international volunteer schemes such as the European Solodarity Corps (ESC) and Service Civil International (SCI), as well as other projects with a focus on sustainability and environmentalism.

Suderbyn consists of two different legal entities: the Cooperative and NGO RELEARN. ​​ Suderbyn Cooperative is responsible for maintaining and developing the ecovillage, and providing a sustainable home for short and long-term residents and volunteers.

RELEARN is a non-profit NGO working locally and internationally with education, engagement and international cooperation for sustainable development.