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** [https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1iMNNt9ISNv-4JmYMLZKbjFLL2y6aq6cXiifYvlyCO1o/edit#slide=id.p Presentation] by [[User:Nenad Maljković|Nenad Maljković]]
** [https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1iMNNt9ISNv-4JmYMLZKbjFLL2y6aq6cXiifYvlyCO1o/edit#slide=id.p Presentation] by [[User:Nenad Maljković|Nenad Maljković]]
* [[Three dimensions of transformative capacity]]
* [[Three dimensions of transformative capacity]]
* Three horizons (International Futures Forum)
* Regenerative design (Regenesis)
* Emergent strategy - for movement building. ([https://www.alliedmedia.org/esii Emergent Strategy Ideation Institute]).
* Evoneers journey - Hero's journey, adapted to communities. Created by GEN and partners in the [https://www.sircle-project.eu/?page_id=25 Sircle project]
* Archetypal leadership (Lawrence Hillam, Richard Olivier)
* Can you help me - currently available only in Dutch
* Non-violent communication - currently entering a new iteration with a focus on decolonisation
* Process psychology - Arnold Mindell
* [[CLIPS project]] resources: http://clips.gen-europe.org/
* Integral cities - Marilyn Hamilton
* Teal organisations (Frederick Laloux)
* Economy of the common good - set of resources and tools
* RIPESS training tools
* Modern agile.org tools
* Wise democracy pattern language
* Sociocracy 3.0
* Doughnut economics
* Multi-stakeholder participation/facilitation
* Pedagogy of the oppressed
* Citizen assembly - as used in Ireland and by the Extinction Rebellion movement
* Developmental evaluation - focusing on learning processes on navigating complexity. Now developing into Blue Marble
* Theory U
* Co-Laboratory methodology - combining Theory U, Open Space and other methods, developed by LiFT Erasmus+ project.
* Thomas Hubel
* [https://deepadaptation.ning.com/ Deep Adaptation]: four Rs framework
* Intersectionality (Kimberlie Crenshaw and Patricia Collins
* Gaian democracy (Schumacher Briefing)
* Dragon dreaming
* Art of hosting
* Green nudge
* Liberating structures: toolkit of 33 patterns used for group processes
== SCP Projects ==
== SCP Projects ==

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The Sustainable Communities Programme (SCP) is a strategic programme initiated and coordinated by ECOLISE and involving collaborators from across Europe. It aims to build capacity for increased engagement of citizens and change-makers across sectors in community-led action within and across European regions, to help meet global climate and sustainability goals.


Through its Sustainable Communities Programme, ECOLISE, the European network for community-led initiatives on climate change and sustainability, supports the development of a community of practice (CoP) of system transition facilitators. Facilitators, researchers and other change-makers resonating with community-led approaches are enabled to support each other in activating and synergizing the transition potential of their respective place (community, city, region), across movements and sectors.

A series of meetings are taking place during 2019, including a series of online meetings and two workshops, in Croatia in May and Brussels in September, enabled by a FundAction grant. Through this, a pilot group is beginning to share experiences, tools and practices, co-creating a joint enabling framework, and making key insights and information resources available through an open access knowledge commons. The pilot group is also working on a resource and governance model for the CoP. After this initial prototyping, the CoP will continue its work from 2020 and open up to further participants, supported by the ECOLISE team, members and partners.


The idea for the Sustainable Communities Programme emerged from extensive consultation with ECOLISE members during 2017 to identify a flagship project on which all members could potentially collaborate.

Momentum was gathered through a series of online meetings during 2018. A small grant awarded by FundAction allowed delivery of two workshops during 2019, one in Croatia immediately preceding the ECOLISE General Assembly in May 2019, the other in Brussels, coinciding with events organised in connection with the European Day of Sustainable Communities.

SCP Community of Practice

Existing Regional Cases

Examples of current relevant regional projects:

Key Topics

Activity streams necessary for delivery of the SCP:

  • Mapping
  • Facilitating multistakeholder initiatives and netweaving
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Policy development

(see notes of first SCP workshop)

Frameworks and Methodologies

SCP Projects

New translocal collaborations involving representatives of different regional projects

SCP Proposals

Proposals for new projects currently in development

Lessons Learnt