Talk:Policy insights arising from research

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Planning Reforms[1] "In this respect the changes due in 2011 under the Localism Bill and National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) are most welcome. We strongly recommend specific policies, in both the Localism Bill and the NPPF that allow for sustainable self build smallholdings. These should be combined with strengthened Section 106 ties to ensure they remain productive and highly sustainable, with binding traffic manage-ment plans, for example. If ties are removed, these holdings should revert to affordable housing in perpe-tuity, monitored/managed through a local Land BIC, Community Land Trust or Neighbourhood Assembly. It is imperative that smallholdings which clearly demon-strate high levels of economic, environmental and social sustainability be recognised by the planning system.

The Low and Slow livelihood development trajectory outlined above means that these smallhold-ings should be assessed over a time scale in keeping with the enterprise. Drawing on the One Planet Development Policy35, as well as the research reported here, and the wider literature in this field36, we recommend 5 years is the minimum time-frame for this."

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