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When I was editing the contents page, I was thinking this page should make sense both from logic of the commons repository page, as well as a report table of contents, so i started writing as if the report is already writen - using present tense - following the idea that I got from Tom that this is first a knowledge commons repository and second a report (to be extracted from the repository). Most of the links derive from the table sections (the table we shared yesterday) e.g. number of CLI etc....

Although I will be gathering contents for the many pages, i will not start those pages unless we are agreed on the name for the there is not a confusion and we have a lot of pages/names/links for the same think. I've got that much now. I only advanced with the page on Community-Led Initiatives because Tom suggested yesterday - to have a page that defines this. The other links, i see now they get the heading we give them when we link a word, so the linked word should also make sense as a title heading (capitalized etc.).So I've also made some edits here, see what you think.

Also US or UK English is fine by me, I tend to write US, but i can manage UK too.

User:Ines16:22, 27 September, 2017