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Some initial thoughts

When I was editing the contents page, I was thinking this page should make sense both from logic of the commons repository page, as well as a report table of contents, so i started writing as if the report is already writen - using present tense - following the idea that I got from Tom that this is first a knowledge commons repository and second a report (to be extracted from the repository). Most of the links derive from the table sections (the table we shared yesterday) e.g. number of CLI etc....Also I've named it 'knowledge commons based report', rather than status report, but feel free to change, it's just that I thought the title of the report should somehow reflect what we aim to do - which in my view is really innovative: so we are co-creating a knowledge commons, that will hopefully continue to evolve and grow, as other people come in and continue building on it, and while we do that we have these periodic reports - so now we are doing the first one - where we provide the most updated picture of CLI in Europe, or maybe eventually it will grow to include a worldwide review. So that is my vision so far, and i got it from Tom and Gil, so I think it's your vision too. This makes me think that 'status report' does not fully grasp what we are doing, that is why I've named it knowledge commons based report - but maybe that is not the best name either...anyway something to discuss.

Although I will be gathering contents for the many pages, i will not start those pages unless we agree on the name for the there is not a confusion and we have a lot of pages/names/links for the same think. I've got that much now. I only advanced with the page on Community-Led Initiatives because Tom suggested yesterday - to have a page that defines this (the page still needs a lot of work, but I just started it...).

Also US or UK English is fine by me, I tend to write US, but i can manage UK too.

User:Ines16:22, 27 September, 2017

Structure and Scope of Contents Page (and others) When I started editing the text, it occurred to me that this would read better more as a list of contents and description of the report, with most of the information in other pages. For example, the existing background text under the first chapter can go into a page of its own (that also gives background for the wiki), and link to others. I might give this a try... --Tom Henfrey (talk) 16:13, 3 October 2017 (CEST)User: Tom Henfrey