Three dimensions of transformative capacity

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Three dimensions of transformative capacity ist a tool, that is developed out of the PhD research of Tim Strasser. There are similar tools used at the local level by GEN (Ecovillage design cards) and by the transition network (health check), used by local groups for self-evaluation and reflection. Those tools will be adapted in search for a diagnostic tool on a network level. The new tool's purpose is also to highlight the competences, which transition initiatives require to have transformative impact.

Three dimensions

Impact is examined through the lens of three dimensions, which together are necessary to bring transformative impact.

The three dimensions are:

  • Depth
This dimension describes relationships and their structural embeddnes. It refers to both legal (ownership, legal frameworks) and cultural relationships, which can reach from shallow to deep.
  • Width
This dimension describes the spread, influence and coherence of a network, which can reach from narrow to broad.
  • Length
This dimension refers to the reproduction and persistency of social innovations over time and the way they evolve and develop. It can reach from transient to persistent.

Transformative capacities

  • Deepening capacities
-Understanding and problematisation
-Identifying and enacting
-Embodying and maintaining
-Interacting strategically and reflexively
  • Widening capacities
-Spreading and shaping
-Maintaining coherence
  • Lengthening capacities
-Generating community
-Ensuring resilience

Further Information

Strasser, Kraker, Kemp, 2019