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Duncan Crowley is an Irish researcher[1] working with the UrbanA (Urban Arenas for sustainable and just cities) project[2] in Lisbon, with CE3C at FCiências.ID.[3] He is currently doing a PhD in “Architecture of Contemporary Metropolitan Territories” in ISCTE, Lisbon on "Scaling up Citizen-led initiatives for Ecocity transformation"[4], with the "Cities and Territories" research group at DINÂMIA'CET-IUL, Centre for Soc​ioeconomic and Territorial Studies[5]. He lived in Brazil for 4 years and completed a Masters[6] in Environment and Development in UFPR’s multidisciplinary course PPGMADE[7] in Curitiba, focusing on Urban Sustainability & Citizen Participation. He lived in Barcelona for 7 years before that and co-founded the city transition initiative. He has participated in various ecological movements in different countries including Ecocity Banja Luka (Bosnia, 2003), Dolphins Barn Community garden in Dublin (Ireland, 2005), Transition Towns, Ecocity Group Curitiba, and joining activists at UK & Irish Climate Camps. He was part of the "Climate Caravan"[8] outside COP15 in Copenhagen (2009) and the ECOLISE delegation at COP25 in Madrid (2019)[9]. He is active in Ecocity Lisbon and the local Degrowth group in Lisbon and is active on twitter personally[10] and at Ecocity Lisboa[11] and UrbanA Portugal[12].


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