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Jean-Michel Cornu

Jean-Michel Cornu has been an expert on innovation for more than 30 years, and an expert on cooperation and collective intelligence for 20 years. He made lectures in about 15 countries. Jean-Michel wrote ten books (mainly in french) and contributed to twenty others. He currently work on a new book (see below).

He has developed new approaches to develop large groups (from hundreds up to hundreds of thousands members) :

  • how to develop a group naturally with enough participants and results with a reasonable time
  • How to organize collective intelligence debates with large groups

More about me :

My next book : What if the Hulman adventure continues?

Looking for missing parts so that humans can really choose and master your own future.

Humans, demigods, are capable of modifying their environment, imagining and realizing extraordinary things to satisfy his smallest desires. He can see far beyond the horizon and understand - in part - the very structure of the universe in which he lives. And yet, despite the many solutions that he imagined, he cannot achieve happiness, his freedom, harmony with its environment and even jeopardizes its own survival. We are not starting from scratch, but what is (are) the weak link (s) that we have not taken enough into account? In our arrogance, have we forgotten our own limits? Is human irreversibly bugged and condemned to disappear by its own power? Or can he use his strengths and also his weaknesses to allow himself to continue his adventure on Earth?

This book is like a puzzle that tries to articulate the oldest tracks and the most advanced ones, looking for missing parts and how to implement them in the few years we have left to keep control of the future of our species.