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I am a researcher doing a PhD at the Institute for Ecological Economics at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. This doctoral research is conducted in close collaboration with ECOLISE and under the co-supervision of Tom Henfrey. Furthermore, I am part of the ECOLISE team that is working as a project partner in the Ecovillage Transition in Action (ETiA) Erasmus+ project.

My dissertation investigates the potential of community-led economic initiatives to contribute to the development of sustainable regional social provisioning networks. More particularly, I aim to explore strategies for fostering collaboration both among community-led economic initiatives and with local and regional public authorities. My further research interests include degrowth, social solidarity economy, social ecological transformation, multi-level governance, community-supported agriculture and transformative social innovation.

Currently, I live with my two daughters and my wife in a co-housing project close to Vienna. Furthermore, I am member of the local agricultural association “GeLa Ochsenherz e.V.”, a community-supported agriculture project.