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Pages created for inclusion in the first (2018) ECOLISE status report.

ECOLISE 2018 Status Report Publication on “European community-led action on climate change and sustainability” a research state-of-the-art -

Vision Compile and highlight the existing scientific evidence of the nature, activity, outcomes and impacts/legacy of community-led initiatives and projects in Europe by March 2018

Mission Support technologically and facilitation wise the collaboration between Academics and Community-Based Initiatives (CBI) Networks on building a long-lasting platform that will compile, synthesise and assess the role of these CBIs.


Target audience: 1) ECOLISE members, Academics, Researchers, EU and National Government scientific advisors; 2) EU/EC members, Governmental bodies, Funders, National Institutions, Policy and Decision-makers, environmental organisations; 3) Civil society, practitioners.

Style: IPCC type of report focused on Community-Based initiatives towards sustainability and Climate Action. Academic style with research evidence.

Metadata assessment will aggregate the total statistics of outcomes, outputs, achievements and key highlights from local sustainability initiatives to give them greater visibility, political recognition and to attract funding & resources for further work.

Boundaries: (what is will be not)

Layout characteristics: A4, 40-100 pages, colour, English, size 11 or 12.

Diverse Topics to Discuss: Translation to different languages of the Executive Summary (even if decided later on). Also a poster version or Infographic short booklet or leaflet. Funding for printing XXX copies? Make it available online in a pdf version. This report will also feed a scientific review article and a book chapter (lead by Gill Seyfang)

Next steps: This document can be supported Specific Design process for this document (establishes methodologies) Finding and adding the “literature” to Zotero Add and Complement the Notes on Zotero “Literature” to be used to produce the content on the Wiki Wiki will start compiling information (benefiting from IVA’s policy document)

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