Community-led initiatives in Europe

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ECOLISE Map.png [1],

Numbers of Ecovillages in Europe

More than 130 [2]. At ECOLISE map only 57 [3]

Numbers of Transition Initiatives in Europe

More than 630 [4]

Numbers of Permaculture Projects in Europe

Numbers of Permaculture Projects in Europe

This information is not available.

One could estimate the number of Permaculture projects to be approximately between 1000 to 4000, assuming a few dozen projects per country. (The number of registered projects in the UK is more than 115.Permaculture Association UK In Portugal, 39 projects are mapped by Rede Convergir)

Numbers of Solidarity Economy Projects in Europe

Solidarity Economy, whose number of initiatives count to more than two million and growing fast during the last decade [5].

Numbers of Commmunity Energy Projects in Europe

More than 250 energy cooperatives in Europe [6].

Numbers of CSAs in Europe

Community Supported Agriculture initiatives in Europe are already approximately 6.300 [7]


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