Community-led initiatives in Europe

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Europe is a fertile soil for citizen-led initiatives towards a more integral and holistic sustainable local territory, with more than xxx CLI throughout Europe. One of the oldest grassroots movements, the Ecovillages, are already more than 130, some older than 50 years old, such as Findhorn ecovillage. The permaculture projects listed at Permaculture Association UK already add to more than 230 land based projects. One of the most youngest movements, the Transition Towns Network, saw a rapid increase of Transition initiatives being one of the networks with more initiatives in Europe, counting already more than 630 local communities. At the moment, based on ECOLISE updated map [1], we can observe that most of these initiatives sprout in the UK. Nevertheless, other movements include the Solidarity Economy, whose number of initiatives count to more than two million and growing fast during the last decade [2]. Community Supported Agriculture initiatives in Europe are already approximately 6.300 [3], while Communities Energy are also increasing and already surpass 250 energy cooperatives in Europe [4].



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