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<blockquote>''Main page: [[Solidarity economy in Iceland]]''</blockquote>
<blockquote>''Main page: [[Solidarity economy in Iceland]]''</blockquote>
<!-- Information at http://www.solidarityeconomy.eu/ -->
<!-- Information at http://www.solidarityeconomy.eu/ -->
== Community Food Production in Iceland ==
<blockquote>''Main page: [[Community Food Production in Iceland]]''</blockquote>
== Other(s) ==
== Other(s) ==

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Transition in Iceland

Main page: Transition in Iceland

Permaculture in Iceland

Main page: Permaculture in Iceland

Ecovillages in Iceland

Main page: Ecovillages in Iceland

The Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) lists 2 project in their database. This number is however only reflecting the projects that have registered themselves on the database. The ecovillage database contains ecovillage projects of all sizes and in all stages of development.[1]


Sólheimar is one of the oldest communities in Europe. Founded in 1930 it is today a village with 100 inhabitants focusing on social, artistic and ecological aspects of sustainability.[2]

Community Energy in Iceland

Main page: Community energy in Iceland

Solidarity Economy in Iceland

Main page: Solidarity economy in Iceland

Community Food Production in Iceland

Main page: Community Food Production in Iceland


Collaboration with Local Government

Intersections and Interactions


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