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ECOLISE is the European Network for Community-Led Sustainability Initaitives. It arose from an initiative by Eamon O'Hara, a consultant for AEIDL (the European Association for Information on Local Development), who wrote a Masters thesis on community-led action on climate change in 2009. Based on consultation with people active in community-based climate change initiatives in several EU countries, Eamon compiled a report, Europe in Transition, scoping out the field and making the case for coordinated action at European level via a new organisation and meta-network. Subsequent discussions led to the establishment of ECOLISE as a not-for-profit association under Belgian law (AISBL) at a legal ceremony in Brussels on May 14th 2014.

Given the international nature of ECOLISE and wide geographical dispersal of its members and contributors, much work takes place via remote collaboration among virtual teams.

General Assembly

Main article: ECOLISE General Assembly

The General Assembly is an annual event where members gather to fulfil statutory obligations of the association and plan activities for the year ahead. Since the 2017 meeting, General Assemblies have used blended formats involving both physical and remote participation.