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Figuring out how to work with the Wiki can feel overwhelming at the beginning. This page can be used as an easy introduction. It will guide through your First steps on the Ecolise Wiki. For advanced editing you can always check the help page]. For conventions on editing and citation used in the Ecolise Wiki please see EcoliseWiki: Editing conventions.

Setting up a user page

Your [user page] contains information about yourself which might be interesting for other Wiki users. You can include information about your area of work, your interests, where you live or even your hobbies. Your userpage will be useful to communicate with other users and to track the changes you have made.

  • Create your userpage by clicking on your user name on the left handside of the top menu.

Creating new content

Once you have created your own userpage you are ready to make your first contributions to the Wiki. Following these steps you can smoothely start your Wiki journey.

Creating a new page

It is best to start the new page by clicking on an existing empty link. Empty links are shown in red. Once you add content to the new page it turns into a Blue link.

  • You can find a list of empty links [here].
  • If you want to add a new link to an existent page instead use the edit button at the top of an existing page. Enter a new link using two pointed brackets, like this: [[New page title]]
  • Before you start a new age always check if the page already exists.To do that type your key word in the search field at the left handside. If there are various ways how to spell it, try all of them.
  • When you have checked if the page has been created before, choose a page title. A good page title is
-short but meaningful.
-can be easily fit into an continous text.
-Only the first letter of the first word is capitalized (except from proper names, they are always capitalized).

  • Using the preview button
  • Creating headlines
  • Using bold letters
  • Links to internal pages
  • Links to external pages for citation.
  • Links to user pages
  • Bullet points
  • Creating blank lines
  • Summarizing the changes
  • Commenting on the discussion page