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This page lists projects that we have identified as having high signifcant overlap with the knowledge commons - i.e. seeking to explore and/or create new forms of knowledge co-creation and sharing - and will link to discussions about possibilities for collaboration.

  • Permaculture CoLabs - new tools for remote collaboration and action learning being developed and tested by the Permaculture Association (Britain)
  • Dino Karabeg has identified several projects in which he is involved with similar overall aims:
    • Polyscopy is a new approach to knowledge federation, currently at the prototype phase, that aspires to enable better use of the knowledge we already have.
    • Protopia Labs - 'A Community of Evolutionary Learning Labs Exploring New Educational Paradigms'
    • Dino also suggests that pattern creation processes would benefit from an understanding of Knowledge Representation, based on the work of John Sowa
  • PLAST (Pattern Languages and Systemic Transformation) - the ECOLISE wiki, envisaged as being a pattern language, is a potential instance of the type of project PLAST seeks to support.
  • Transiscope (French web portal mapping alternatives). Interesting set of data guidelines, consistent with our values and practical aims