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Core Content Structure

Being Spaces for/of...

Economic Diversity
It is increasingly evident that current economic paradigms - particularly the capitalist premise of perpetual growth in GDP - are fundamentally incompatible with sustainability, including fulfillment of the Paris Agreement, Sustainable Development Goals and Green New Deal. However, diverse and abundant alternative ideas and models now exist, which abandon theoretical dogma in favour of the practical question of how to live together in shared prosperity on an ecologically finite planet.
Democratic Political Practice/Inclusive Governance
Environmentally and socially destructive economic systems are inherently connected with centralised and inequitable political systems capable of co-option by those who already hold wealth and power. Moving towards sustainability and social justice requires more inclusive and democratic forms of decision-making and allocation of rights over shared resources. Approaches to inclusive governance already in use by many communities of place and/or practice provide potential models for a wider democratisation of society.
Living Values
Regenerative Cultures

Collaborative Networks

Translocal Networks
Social Solidarity Economy
Territorial/Bioregional Partnerships

Sustainability in Practice

Social Innovation
Transition Design
Nature-based solutions
Growing Edges