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GEN Solution Library

The GEN solution library is a directory of sustainability solutions. It provides short descriptions, vital information, pictures, and links to learn more. It is a place where solutions from all over the internet are gathered in one easy-to-browse platform to help create a more sustainable world. Sustainability is viewed through five dimensions: Environmental, Social, Economic, Cultural/Worldview and Whole System (which integrates all four other dimensions in one). The Solution Libraries ’s solutions can be browsed by these dimensions through GEN’s signature mandala, and/or by geographic region.

Permaculture knowledge base

Permaculture knowledge base contains over 180 practical solutions categories with videos, weblinks, books, and organisations, dealing with permaculture ethics and principles, design approaches etc.

The essential guide to doing Transition

The essential guide to doing Transition offers all necessary resources to start Transition in a local community and outlines the processes and activities needed to make it a success. It is essential reading for all people involved in Transition, as it explains the 7 essential ingredients of Transition.

Municipalities in Transition Framework

Municipalities in Transition Framework develops and tests a structured way for municipalities and local governments to connect with their communities and respond to the great challenges of this historical period adopting a systemic view and methodologies inspired by the Transition Towns movement approach and learnings.

52 Climate Actions

52 Climate Actions partnership formed in 2015 after the International Permaculture Convergence declaration to the Paris Climate Conference. It brings together nine organisations to promote permaculture based solutions to climate change.

Evoneers Journey

Evoneers Journey deepens understanding about the process of change over time, and learning how to be personally resilient within it, becoming able to embrace challenges and failures alongside the successes.

Community Learning Incubator Programme for Sustainability (CLIPS)

The CLIPS guide explains a model for community development. The guide is accompanied by workshops, mentoring and trainings, as well as an online platform with resources, links, examples and tools for both projects and trainers engaged with supporting communities to grow.

Reconomy Guides

Reconomy Guides were designed for use by Transition Initiatives and other groups working on local economy projects and other related activities to transform a local economy by engaging local community.

Group works guide for facilitators

Group works guide for facilitators is a deck of 100 full-colour cards (91 patterns + 9 category cards) created by the Group Pattern Language Project.

Interpole collaboration toolkit

Interpole collaboration toolkit is a French open collection of resources for cooperation shared by trainers and facilitators.