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User Guide for beginners

To make the start into the wiki easier for new users I propose to put together a comoilation of the most important syntax commands. New users can start right away and do not have to face a huge help page. Experienced users can filter what is important to them from that help page but new users might get overwhelmed by all the information. That way we might lower the threshold to actually get started and avoid taking too much energy and causing too much frustration for beginning users. I would have found that very useful. It might look like this:

Wiki for beginners

This is a compilation of syntax commands you might find useful at the beginning of your Wiki journey.

Step by step introduction how to create your first page: (those are the points that I needed first and that I felt are enough to get started in the Wiki)

  • check if the page already exists
  • Creating a new page
  • Using the preview button
  • Creating headlines
  • Using bold letters
  • Links to internal pages
  • Links to external pages for citation.
  • Links to user pages
  • Bullet points
  • Creating blank lines
  • Summarizing the changes
  • Commenting on the discussion page

A step 2 creating your own userpage might be added. Than new users are set up to go. Of course it would not only show only the bullet points, but also the syntax to do that.

What do you think about that suggestion?

Lilian Seidler (talk) 08:28, 1 October 2019 (CDT)