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Findhorn Ecovillage is one of the oldest ecovillages in Europe, situated close to Findhorn village in Scotland. The community co-creates with the intelligence of nature and takes inspired action towards a vision of a better world, sharing the learning and way of life in experiential workshops, conferences and events that take place within a thriving community and ecovillage.

The Foundation has two main sites. The Park is an ecovillage that is home to the larger community living with shared values. Cluny Hill is a stately Victorian former hotel, five miles away from The Park, which hosts workshops and events.

The Findhorn Foundation is an NGO associated with the United Nations Department of Public Information, holder of UN Habitat Best Practice designation and is co-founder of the Global Ecovillage Network and Holistic Centres Network. The Foundation is at the heart of a community of more than 500 people who every day support and live the vision of creating a better world by starting with themselves.[1]



Peter and Eileen Caddy and Dorothy Maclean founded the Findhorn community in 1962. Today, the residents like to say that the community was founded unintentionally, starting from the three founders following the ‘the still, small voice within’.

In the late 60s Peter and community members built the Park Sanctuary and the Community Centre, where the community members meet and eat.

In 1970 the spiritual curriculum, and a programme of learning were established at The Park. In 1972 the Findhorn Foundation, was formally registered as a Scottish Charity and in the 1970s and 80s grew to approximately 300 members. In 1975 the Foundation purchased Cluny Hill Hotel as a centre for workshops and for members’ accommodation, and in 1983 purchased the caravan park in Findhorn.

The Ecovillage Project at Findhorn began at the end of the 1980s. By 2020, 90 ecological buildings, three wind generators and a biological sewage treatment plant, The Living Machine were constructed. Findhorn Foundation was one of the founding members of the Global Ecovillage Network.

In 1998 the New Findhorn Association was created as an umbrella organisation that facilitates and encourages development of the whole community.

About Findhorn Community

The Findhorn Foundation is located in northeast Scotland on the Moray Firth coast. The Park is adjacent to the village of Findhorn, and Cluny Hill is five miles away in the town of Forres. The city of Inverness is 26 miles away to the west and Aberdeen is 75 miles away to the southeast.

Approximately 700 people live in and around the Park and Cluney HIll. Besides Findhorn Foundation and New Findhorn Association, there are around 40 holistic businesses and charities ran from the community, linked by a shared positive vision for humanity and the earth, and a commitment to the deep and practical spirituality practised in everyday life.

Ecological Footprint of Findhorn Foundation

As 2006 study [2] has shown that the ecological footprint in Findhorn Foundation was below the Scottish average, however a 2017 carbon assessment calculated 5,092tCO2e as the total emission of greenhouses gases for the ecovillage [3]. With the 2015 total emissions at 4,065tCO2e, there has been an increase of 1,027 tCO2e in two years putting pressure on the settlement to devise effective strategies to reduce emissions.


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