First SCP workshop

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The first SCP workshop took place on September 6th and 7th in Križevci, Croatia, immediately before the 2019 ECOLISE General Assembly. It was attended by about 15 on-site participants.

Finding a common ground

The first session was about finding a shared understanding of SCP and ECOLISE as its context.

Key points

What is the SCP?

The SCP is along-term programme, coordinating the learning of many diverse SCP projects. It aims at launching macro-grant regional pilot projects with parallel community action in different states.Those will create action learning networks at multiple nested levels.

The SCP's purpose and aim
  • The SCP wants to facilitate system shifting regional and inter-regional networks and net-weaving. Doing that it will enhance collaboration across sectors, territories and regions. Members of the networks will support each other on different levels, such as collaborative accessing of funding for projects, but also by mutually giving hope.
  • The aim of the SCP is to illuminate and accelerate responses on sustainability challenges, developed by collaborative community initiatives. Strategies to to achieve that are is the enhancement of alternative modes of learning, such as
  • localising and grounding good practice from across Europe and beyond in regional and translocal hubs.
  • connecting local action to ECOLISE.
  • enabling regional facilitators for transformative change.
  • Exchange of good practices and creation of a shared knowledge base.
  • Create new types of learning processes, such as
  • facilitation of community-led tranformative change and the forming of a harmonious community.
  • travel/learning hubs.
  • mentorship.
  • online and in person courses by members for members and others.


The SCP can be a meeting gorund for different networks, where they can find more ways to collaborate and support each other. Connected networks and movements are e.g.

Economy for the common good
La Via Campesina


Communities of Practice

Creating a shared understanding

Good practice

Collaboration and resourcing