Hua Tau ecovillage

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Hua Tao ecovillage is in Chongzhou, Chengdu, China, consisting of 10 core members and around 50 involved families. The activities focussed on ecological education, farming and community life. The buildings are constructed of environmentally friendly materials, the garden is based on permaculture and biodynamic food production, there are workshops on sustainable development, mediation, the role of the feminine. They integrate traditional chinese culture and modern natural farming techniques, export climate-friendly education and processes.

Hua Tao is the pathway to inherit and innovate Chinese civilization. People who engage with this community learn how to share and cooperate with each other in a harmonious ecology. Hence, Hua Tao is a pioneer in promoting the restoration of environment, morality and economy.

There are several interesting places around the community including Anren, an ancient town, Confucius International School and an agricultural base. The ecovillage is comprised of a living area with green buildings on 9 acres of area, while the farmland covers a surface of about 40 acres. The density of buildings here is 39.6%, and the green coverage is 45.9%. The residential buildings have been built to adopt the traditional Chinese courtyard style of western Sichuan and contain individual family apartments and a communal open space and kitchen.

Hua Tao applies a very sustainable and sophisticated living system to its resource management, which includes regional biodiversity, green planning, water retention, energy conservation, and the refusal of unnatural land treatment. All these measures make us an ecological community that provides a better environment both inside and outside of our community.