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Hosted by ECOLISE, the European network for community-led initiatives on sustainability and climate change, this wiki exists to support compilation, synthesis and co-creation of new knowledge to support the work of ECOLISE members and supporters, along with allied organisations and networks.

The wiki forms part of a knowledge commons for community-led action on sustainability and climate change, conceived and created by the ECOLISE knowledge and learning team. It is currently in the pilot stage, during which it will support creation of the first ECOLISE status report.

Content will be added over time and freely visible. Editing and content creation are currently restricted to registered users. This allows all content to be attributed and supports establishment of a knowledge co-creation community. All ECOLISE members and supporters are welcome to join this community; if you wish to do so please get in touch to request an account.

We anticipate that knowledge federation and sharing will become key features of this knowledge commons, and welcome inquiries from those involved in similar projects with possible interest in this type of collaboration.

Instructions on how to contribute content by creating and editing pages are available on the User's Guide for the MediaWiki software on which the wiki is based. Another useful resource is the Wiki User Guide of the Urban Arena project. You can also change your language settings for the MediaWiki interface (not the content) to any of 140 languages supported by the platform.