Moray ecovillage development

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Moray Ecovillage Development: A Model for Sustainable Community Building in Scotland is a LEADER project promoting ecovillage development in traditional Scottish communities. It was inspired by the Living in Sustainable Villages project in Germany, and in turn formed the basis of the international project Ecovillage transition in action.

The goal is to build local capacity to improve community resilience in alignment with the Moray Local Development Scheme goal to move towards a low carbon economy by means of domestic, business, community and collaborative action - using ecovillage whole systems design. The project aims to become a model to support scaling of the ecovillage model throughout Moray, eventually leading to widespread community adaptation to a post carbon, globalized and interconnected world.

Based on the LEADER project, GEN International designed a wider initiative called Ecovillage transition in action, which was awarded an Erasmus+ strategic partnership grant in summer 2019. The project had its kick-off meeting in Brussels on September 20th-22nd 2019. It will be delivered by an international consortium, led by GEN International and also including ECOLISE, GEN Germany and St. Andrews University.