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Transition in the Netherlands

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The Transition Town movement came to the Netherlands in 2008 and quickly grew from there with the first Transition Trainings starting only a few month after the initial meeting of inspired people. In 2010, a foundation around the national network was established, seen as a service organization to “connect initiatives (also internationally), to initiate and keep a lively exchange of information and inspiration, also between people and groups, and to inspire new people to start an initiative”. The main focus of the work is happening on the local level, while the national network “deals with nationally-playing policy issues, contacts, promotion and financing”.[1]

While there are 4 initiatives listed on the international Transition Network[2] the Dutch Transition Town network lists 41 self-registered projects in different phases of development including 2 official Transition Towns (Groningen and Denveter).[3]

Permaculture in the Netherlands

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PermacultuurNetwerk, the Permaculture Network for Flanders and the Netherlands lists 105 projects and 114 people and notes that "Permaculture is growing rapidly".[4]

Ecovillages in the Netherlands

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The Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) lists 8 projects in their database. This number is however only reflecting the projects that have registered themselves on the database. The ecovillage database contains ecovillage projects of all sizes and in all stages of development.[5]

The ecovillages in the Netherlands are organized in the Ecodorpen Netwerk Nederland. This page lists 12 ecovillages and describes the network as "a Dutch partnership that supports the network of individuals and communities that pursue a sustainable lifestyle".[6]

Ecodorpen Netwerk Nederland is also a full member of GEN-Europe, the European branch of the Global Ecovillage Network.

Community Energy in the Netherlands

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Solidarity Economy in the Netherlands

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Community Food Production in the Netherlands

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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) in the Netherlands

According to URGENCI, the International Network for Community Supported Agriculture, the first CSA in the Netherlands were established in 1994 with the movement increasing in recent years and changing from farmer based projects aiming for solidarity to more and more initiatives by city people looking for more sustainability and transparency in food production. The URGENCI report "Overview of Community Supported Agriculture in Europe" names 47 known initiatives in 2015, ranging from „ fully-democratic associations of farmers and eaters, through cooperatives of self employed farmers with volunteers, to regular firms with subscribers“.[7]


Collaboration with Local Government

Intersections and Interactions


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