Pays de Condruses LAG

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Climate action in Pays de Condruses, Wallonia, Belgium

The Local Action Group (LAG) of the Pays de Condruses, an area of about 300 km2 south of Liège includes seven villages with a total population of 30,000. Between 2008 and 2015 the LAG focussed on agriculture, energy and the local economy, including studying the potential of biogas and micro-hyrdopower generation. This was 45% funded by the EAFRD, with matching funds from the Region of Wallonia and the seven villages (10%). This laid the foundation for the process of drawing up a climate action plan for the area. The plan, which adopts a target of 30% reduction of CO2 by 2030, was formally accepted by the seven village Mayors in 2017.

Achievements to date include

  • A widespread information campaign targeting the public sector, village representatives and private companies, with information sessions, conferences, social media, visits and promotion of successful renewable energy projects
  • Renewable energy developments including 405 kW of PV on municipal and company buildings; a 600kW electricity/600kW heat biogas plant; hydropower plants; and five 3.2 MW windmills, one of which is cooperatively-owned
  • Studies for further PV and wood boiler installations in public buildings.