Community-led initiatives in Slovakia

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Transition in Slovakia

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The Transition Network lists 1 initiative in Slovakia.[1]

Permaculture in Slovakia

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Ecovillages in Slovakia

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The Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) lists 3 projects in their database. This number is however only reflecting the projects that have registered themselves on the database. The ecovillage database contains ecovillage projects of all sizes and in all stages of development.[2]

Community Energy in Slovakia

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Solidarity Economy in Slovakia

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According to the SUSY report of 2015 on Social and Solidarity Economy "the country’s social sector includes trade unions, cooperatives and other forms of social enterprises, support groups, local CBOs, associations of workers in the informal economy, NGOs providing services, finance programs, and many other activities".[3]

Community Food Production in Slovakia

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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) in Slovakia

According to URGENCI, the International Network for Community Supported Agriculture, the first CSA-like initiative in Slovakia was started in 2007. The report estimates about 10 CSA-like initiatives but Alexander Fehér from the Slovak University of Agriculture suspects that fully developed CSAs cannot be found in Slovakia due to “the low responsibility level of consumers (solidarity).[4]


Collaboration with Local Government

Intersections and Interactions


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