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  • ...ification of low-energy pathways to support well-being at the scale of the local community.<ref>Holmgren, D., 2009. ''Future Scenarios.'' Totnes: Green Book ....'' Totnes: Transition Town Totnes.</ref> Independent evaluation by the UK Government suggested that intangible social benefits were equally important: by coming
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  • ...xt of the national climate pact to help municipalities involve citizens in local sustainability projects, other project on creating a Reconomy ecosystem, fu Transition was even mentioned in the news government programme (of Luxembourg): has very ambitious climate change adaptation tar
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  • HPC aims at encouraging local residents and visitors to Perthshire (a rural and mountainous region in Sco HPC promotes partnerships and works with local tourism businesses, including restaurants, hotels and motels, to help them
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  • ...highlights two main initiatives in sustainability led by the the municipal government, in waste management and renewable energy. 2. Mobilising, advising and training local people about global issues relating to energy and climate change.
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  • ...tainable and inclusive society by empowering communities to take action on local issues. According to its website, its members represent organisations with * Local by Default
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  • ...ackson suggests that, while useful because it emphasises the importance of local and community action, this definition understates important social and spir An ecovillage is an intentional or traditional community using local participatory processes to holistically integrate ecological, economic, soc
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  • ...ition Initiative and who is involved, inconsistency in the extent to which local initiatives connect with coordinating organisations such as Transition Netw their community.<ref name="feola 2014" /> Geographical distributions of local Transition initiatives in UK (England/Wales), Germany, Italy and France, wh
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  • ...led initiatives]] (CLIs) suggests potential for the SDGs to link bottom-up local action on the part of communities with governmental and intergovernmental a ...least 40% of decision-making roles in 90% of cases ([[SDG5]]), all nurture local traditions relevant to sustainable methods of building and food production
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  • ...ntensified in the short term. Agricultural factor income per work unit and government support to agricultural R&D have also moved away from the respective object ...the local level <ref>ECOLISE, 2017. A community-led transition in Europe: Local action towards a sustainable, resilient, low-carbon future. ECOLISE, Brusse
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  • ...tend to integrate different elements (see diagram 1) on wellbeing-focused government process” 1. Several of these elements have the potential to increase the ...ement of all, and mainly the young and elderly, in making a more resilient local “human settlement” 1,4,5. By fostering more meaningful and trustworthy
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  • ...and localism or subsidiarity, meaning decision-making and management on as local a level as makes sense.<ref>RIPESS, 2015. [ ...n (6), international development cooperation (5), responsible tourism (5), local welfare services (5), ethical finance (4), energy conservation (3), mainten
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  • As of May 2018, 32 active local initiatives in Germany have voluntarily self-registered on the internationa ...ademic study led by Giuseppe Feola at Reading University suggest the first local initiatives appeared in Germany in 2009, and indicate that numbers have inc
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  • ...and more local implemented projects with direct benefit and involvement of local communities. ...the Transition movement: views and practices in Portuguese initiatives], ''Local Environment'' '''22''':12, 1546-1562, DOI:10.1080/13549839.2017.1379477</re
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  • == Collaboration with Local Government == <!-- how and in what ways local government are supporting CLIs -->
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  • ...ommunity groups can collaborate more closely to increase the resilience of local processes in favour of the environment. The project is funded by Innoviris ...cessarily involves strengthening the resilience of civic engagement in the local community.
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  • *''Support local initiatives and connect them with each other and with the International Tra ...rganic producers with around 2,500 Fair Trade references, of which 80% are local or regional that has been established in 1994. Their objectives are:
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  • GEN today lists more than 1000 local ecovillage projects and networks worldwide , among them approximately 130 i ...scale to catalyse and support Transition, local initiatives are groups of local people who come together to design and implement collective sustainable to
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  • ...often achieved at the cost of becoming less responsive to the needs of the local community. In addition, reliance on grant funding from whatever source in m ...ed goods. 49 initiatives reported that they received external funding from local authorities, 46 through donations and sponsorships, and 35 through fundrais
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  • <li>''The college of local groups ensures the dissemination and local rooting of the message and actions'' </li> ...founders and operational staff, a representative of each partner and each local protocol group (the most advanced groups) and 50 contributors. In total, ar
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  • ...y and inclusive, as well as provide enhanced benefits, for example through local ownership of low carbon infrastructures and transition processes.<ref name ** Production and distribution of local organic food (e.g. fruits and vegetables), reducing emissions associated wi
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