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This page shows draft contents for the 2019 version of the status report on Community-led Action on Sustainability and Climate Change.

A preliminary draft was released to potential contributors on October 10th 2018 and can be accessed at File:Status Report 2018 preliminary draft.pdf.

The full report was launched to members at the 2019 ECOLISE Generally Assembly and had its full public release on May 2nd 2019.

Background and Methodology

Community-led initiatives and research
Research on and with community-led initiatives
ECOLISE knowledge and learning
Status report
Rationale, aims and methodology
Call for involvement

Context: Sustainability, Policy and Societal Transformation

Sustainability as a policy driver
Anthropocene thinking as new context

Community-led action on sustainability and climate change in Europe: overview

Main networks and movements of community-led initiatives (4-5 pages)
Transition movement
Community energy
Solidarity economy
Integrating community action across scales

Community-led initiatives in European countries

Community-led initiatives in Europe
Numbers of community-led initiatives in Europe, distribution by country and movement
Community-led initiatives by country
Overviews of the numbers, types, distribution, scale, activities and main achievements of CLIs in specific countries:

Achievements and Potential of Community-led Initiatives

Success and failure of community-led initiatives
Enablers and constraints affecting community-led initiatives
Resourcing of community-led initiatives
Diffusion and growth of community-led initiatives
Social impacts of community-led initiatives
Economic impacts of community-led initiatives
Ecological impacts of community-led initiatives

Community-led Initiatives, Sustainability and Climate Action

Community-led initiatives and the Sustainable Development Goals
Contributions of community-led initiatives to reductions in carbon emissions

Insights and Recommendations

Policy insights arising from research
Seven Steps to a Sustainable Europe
Step One: Moving beyond growth
Step Two: Nurturing commons ecologies
Step Three: Eco-social regeneration
Step Four: Solidarity economics
Step Five: Inclusive governance
Step Six: Enabling transformative social innovation
Step Seven: Supporting community-led initiatives

Editorial and Writing Team

Editors and Authors
Gil Penha-Lopes
Tom Henfrey
Contributing Authors
Inês Campos
Katie Kukolj
Pedro Macedo