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Proposed Table of Contents:

1. Foreword/intro(s) (1 or 2 pages - 1 or 2 invited high level people, respectively) Who? Aim: Clearly communicate why report is important now and in the context of Europe.

2. Introduction & contextualisation (1 or 2 pages) Aim: Build the storyline and inter-dependency between: ECOLISE; CLLD (Community Led Local Development); Sustainability; Resilience; Transformation; Transition, Sustainable Development Goals and COP 21, ...

3. European State-of-the-Art CCLD (10 to 15 pages) Overview of community-led action on climate change and sustainability in Europe (including map of initiatives, tables with key stats, facts..) Number of initiatives; themes and initiatives per theme; number of people engaged / involved; hours of work; money created/complementary funds/alternative currency or credits/voluntary equivalent; number of businesses created; jobs/positions created; number of spinoffs/follow on initiatives; new audiences captured; new spaces created; environmental indicators (reduce carbon emission or capture, etc…); public funds saved through CLLD.

4. By Country (2-4 pages??) Country round-up: short reports on activities by Member State (could be in Table form)

5. Success, Replication, Scaling-Up and Indicators (max 6 pages) Key areas of action (themes, illustrated with examples): energy, food production, mobility, construction, with data to support impacts where possible (see Ecovillage Measuring Impacts Working Group, TN/Oxford University evaluations, etc..) Mention here some of the highlights of EU and national projects. Why CLLD matters & future potential. Dissemination, replication, upscaling potential and concrete opportunities. Link back to Sustainable Development Goals, COP 21 and other principles listed in introduction. Explicitly demonstrate why this is important in the pathway for sustainability.

6. Future perspectives (max 6 pages) Policy and Action recommendations - taking some also from EU and national projects but also ECOLISE general policy recommendations and highlight of planned/expected future actions. Trends, major projects/initiatives in development or ongoing, Barriers & enablers & what can be done to progress / implement this agenda further.

7. References and Further Reading (max 2 pages)

8. Book editorial and team

9. Back Cover Aim: Communicate the key message of the report. Should be an infographic of this report.